IT Issues Are No Longer A Concern

We hired Argentium IT Solutions due to their knowledge of our practice management system.  Argentium IT Solutions’ service plan takes care of everything and monitors our system to catch issues before they cause an impact to our business operations.

I have worked with Mike for many years and any issue I have had Mike has always been able to take care of.  Mike is very polite, professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Kris Holland Gulfstream Anesthesia Consultants

Compliant And Secure

We transitioned to an EHR system in 2015 and Argentium’s team assisted us in planning and preparing our network as well as ensuring our go live was a success.  We are always up and running!  They are our one-stop shop for anything IT related and are also up-to-date on HIPAA policies, keeping everything compliant and secure.

Patty Everett Retinal Eye Care Associates

Priceless Value

The team at Argentium IT is proactive.  Developing issues are addressed long before there are problems.  When we do experience unforeseen issues, phone calls are answered promptly, and they start solving our problems without delay.  They keep our patient data safe with very high levels of security and send out newsletters so I can stay on top of new technologies and threats.  The value is priceless.

Barbara Allen Associated Coastal ENT

Trustworthy And Fair

I’ve been working with Mike for 15 years and my experience has always been positive.  The Argentium IT Solutions’ team are very knowledgeable, keep us informed about new technologies available within our field, assist us in preventing system downtime, respond to calls and emails promptly, they’re trustworthy, and provide fair pricing.

Nordia Ramirez Eye Associates of Plantation

A Pleasure To Work With

We hired Argentium IT Solutions in 2014 when opening a new office space.  The setup was seamless, and we have been very happy since.  They are very responsive to our needs and have an extensive knowledge of their field.  They are truly a pleasure to work with.

Linda Riche C J Agresti M.D. ENT

We Wish We Would've Chosen Them From The Start

We hired Argentium IT Solutions in 2017 to help us with ongoing system stability issues. Since we started working with them, our downtime has been dramatically reduced, and they have always provided us with excellent follow-up. We wish we would’ve chosen them from the start.

Kathleen Eastman Coastal Eye Center

Service That We And Our Customers Deserve

The service we've received from Argentium IT Solutions has been exceptional. We run a 24/7 business. When we have an emergency, I'm able to reach Argentium IT Solutions immediately and have the issue resolved quickly. This is in comparison to our prior IT services provider who were practically unreachable. We are now getting the quality service that we and our customers deserve.

Jason Jarriel Commodity Transportation Services

Our Best Interest In Mind

We started working with Argentium IT Solutions in 2011. One of the hallmarks of Argentium IT Solutions is the reliability and dependability they offer. It puts us at ease as we have a great deal of confidence in them and an added sense of security because we know that they are always up-to-date with the latest technology. Response time and resolution of problems are always expeditious, and their awareness of potential threats provides assurance that services are delivered with our best interest in mind.

Alex Hall Stuart Eye Institute

Expansion And Minimal Downtime

Since opening our Florida office in 2013, Argentium IT Solutions has been invaluable in running our networks, expanding the size and scope of our IT operations, and ensuring we have minimal downtime.  Their support and responses have been timely and cost effective.

Paul Wright Human Rights Defense Center

A Tremendous Asset To Our Practice

The one thing that sets Argentium IT Solutions apart is that they have consistently provided effective and reliable service to our company, and this has played an integral role in our growth and in maintaining the efficiency that is required for a medical practice.  They’ve been a tremendous asset to our practice, and we never have to worry because we know that they’re on it.

Dr. Howard Routman, D.O. Atlantis Orthopaedics

Exceptional Experience

The proactive approach and ease of access to Argentium’s team has been exceptional.  I fully recommend Mike and his team as I now have the peace of mind knowing they are watching out for me and my business.

Evan Cohen CS Financial Services

Investment In Peace Of Mind

Bringing Argentium onboard for our IT support has helped us tremendously as they have the expertise and background to understand all the IT-related risks that smaller organizations encounter.  They are extremely responsive, provide us with options, and respect our choices to work within our budgetary/time/manpower constraints.  With ever growing cyber security concerns, we find the partnership with Argentium to be an investment in ‘peace of mind’.

Gabriela Mejia Jupiter Dermatology and Hair Restoration

Can’t Imagine Better Customer Service Anywhere

We never knew how well our systems could work for us until we made the move to Argentium for IT services.  We have 99% fewer issues and when there is any rare hiccup, team Argentium is 100% accessible and available.  The service is immediate, and any issues are addressed and fixed on the spot.  I cannot imagine that there is better customer service anywhere.  We truly feel like the only client.  Things are addressed immediately even when it could wait.  Hands down the best decision we made.  You will feel a huge relief knowing things are being managed properly and efficiently.

Robin Moynihan All Creatures Animal Hospital

Knowledgeable And A Pleasure To Work With

After Argentium IT upgraded our network equipment, we now have a reliable and secure system.  They are timely, knowledgeable, and courteous.  It’s a pleasure working with them.

Dawn Usherwood Nephrology Consultants

Getting It Right The First Time

Our practice has been working with Argentium since 2014 and have worked with Mike before the Argentium days, dating back to 2000.  Simply put, they are reliable, prompt, and are focused on getting it right the first time.  There is a thorough understanding of our IT needs relative to the specific processes involved in our practice operations.

Dr. Donald Heiman Specialists in Infectious Diseases

Personal Service

Mike and his team know who I am, what I do and what I need without pressuring me into services that would not be beneficial.  I no longer must worry if something will go wrong or if my systems will not function as they should, as they are an email or phone call away if I do need assistance and are quick to react.  They handle everything IT from A to Z which keeps me productive and focused on my business.

Donica Castello Options Consulting

Personalized Care And Attention

For any business, especially a medical practice, it is of a high level of importance to not feel like you’re just a number and to address issues as soon as possible.  Argentium IT Solutions provides an immediate response, person-to-person contact, and the care and attention that is specific to our needs.

Natalio Chediak, MD Boca Raton Sleep Disorders Center

IT Support Without Delays

We started working with Argentium in 2023 and wish we had sooner.  We now have a professional team managing our IT at a reasonable price point.  When we are faced with an issue, Team Argentium is on top of it without hesitation.  This is a critical component to keep our business moving forward.

Jessica Horst Carlton Place Condominium